Do you remember the exact moment when Washington state's Governor, Jay Inslee announced a state of emergency? At first the lockdown brought panic which overtime made way for a new level of peace for the typically busy city of Seattle. The streets of Capitol Hill, abandoned as essential business and travel crippled the once hub of entertainment. When I walked outside to see the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak it was astonishing to me. Never in my years had I seen something of this magnitude; This will be one for the history books. As that thought occurred to me I began to think: What would the pictures look like in the textbooks? Which images would be synonymous with a total citywide lockdown? Which scenes will I remember the most? All these images were taken in March 2020 and since then this pandemic has grown to even greater heights. The city is open now and we plead for a new form of kindness.

Wash Hands, Mask Up, Be Kind